Jennifer FInch


I have had the privileged to work on some massively large projects with my friends and co-workers at Quadshot Software. Should your project be on a scale that requires support beyond what I could provide as an independent contractor, I without hesitation recommend their services.
Depending on the project, my involvement as your day-to-day person would remain intact. In other words, this is not a “hand-off”. Projects I have worked on have included: iphone apps, Facebook apps, custom framework development, and more.
My name is Jennifer Precious Finch.
I am a web developer that works primarily with WordPress as a “front-end” developer.
A “front-end” developer handles the code that make a web site “look” a certain way.
The code I work with is: Php, CSS, HTML, HTML5, and javascript.
I also know my way around photo editing and layout software. And yes, I do own some Adobe products, but I am an “Open Source” gal so I prefer to roll within that community.
I have been building website since 1999.
I started, as most people do, going to school for computer science, because I was interested in building computer games. Back in those days, that industry hadn’t popped yet, so I was super board learning “fo-tran” or “B-list plus plus” or whatever it was called and dropped out to be a rock star (not kidding). When the internet became more accessible I just “nerded out”, taught myself tricks, ran my own server (a computer hooked-up to the internet 24/7 and runs web sites), learned some aggressive internet search engine skills, made money and played music all over the world.
Formal Training you ask? I haven’t had the time… however I did teach at a local trade school, have written various articles, have spoken at meet-up groups and have contributed to publication. But I will get around to it I am sure… one day.